Flame Sword #20: Recording Demos

Demo is a funny word, demonstration can mean so many things for video games. In this case, here’s a feature no one asked for… the ability to record and play demos. Thanks to the cheat console, I added “record” to start recording a demo of the level you’re on and “playback” to watch that recording. On top of that, a player can save a demo to file and play a demo. Playing a demo will take the player or watcher to the correct map and start the replay of the level.

Even if the game may look like it has random elements, nothing is random beyond inconsequential visuals. Everything that seems random is calculated and dependent on something. Usually a global timer that’s always ticking away. Other times there is a storage variable for collectables. Enemies usually erupt in four collectables, but every fifth or so enemy that’s defeated will have eight collectables.

I bring up the lack of randomness to mention the fact that the demo only records the player’s movement. The enemies and platforms are still living on their own as if a human was playing the game rather than a recording.

Since the demo only records the player’s key presses rather than enemy locations, it lacks a rewind feature or anything special. Holding the action button (or key) for a second will let a player play.

This was more of a frill out of boredom as I wait for certain art to be completed for things that will be revealed later.

Here is a demonstration of a replay of a demo:

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