Flame Sword #16: Pause Menu Part 2

I am back to cover the pause menu again, in this version, the pointing cursor bobs up and down rather than moving left and right. The cursor is also animated and has a hand gun for lack of a better term when confirmed. From there the menu items slide in, but the chosen item sticks around and flashes red. It looks far better outside of this .gif as there look to be many frames missing from the animation.

Menu items grow as their selected, the fonts are spaced closer. The button itself and the yellow are shifting color tones from yellow to off yellow and navy to not navy. You’ll also see a right side button with room for more. Those right buttons work, but they need more dazzle that the left menu has. The left and right direction works to highlight that nearly forgotten item on the right.

When the game comes into the pause, the teeth clamp in faster and the screen fades to black quicker. There’s now movement among the blue bars. The teeth grind slowly to one direction while they cause snow flurries and sparkles.

I should mention that all these menus are still the same instance, but the menu items and their placement change when it looks like you’re going from one menu to the next. In fact, with this menu and the majority of my games, the title screen is part of this menu, but in a different section. When you pause it goes to the pause section. When you start the game, it goes to the default section which happens to be the title screen. This is to prevent redundancies of having what is currently 2 dozen menus and sub menus.

Since it is all the same instance, it was quite a process to make the menu have a confirmation butter before the next menu loaded, just because I’ve always been a fan of quick menus that go A to B rather than A to B to C. The menu locks your ability to do anything when it loads and then when it transitions to the next menu. This has been a step in the correct direction, even if it might be on the border of too much. Work still needs to be done, but this is where it’s at. I am also left wondering how it would look if the teeth were black.

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