Flame Sword: Blog #7: The Tumblers


These fun new foes are replacements for an older, more basic, day one sort of enemy. The tumbler picks up speed and chases after the player so in the long run, they will catch up. They cannot be destroyed, instead, they can only be knocked back where they are stunned for half a second. It’s tricky to even hit them as they bounce, but jumping and then attacking will work wonders. When you think your safe standing atop a higher ledge, they can climb, even if it takes them half a second to adapt to the new height. When a player leaves the screen after activating them, they stay active, so the player cannot truly outrun them. Nor can the player dodge them and send them out of the room as now enemies will not leave the room.

Tumblers have already made previous levels more fun and dangerous, just by replacing earlier versions, which was a mini, electrified leaper that would fill enemy pits.


Beyond that, updates have been sparse and it’s been mostly tweaking and enhancing what’s already there to experiment. 
– Easy pogo, jump and hold down (can be toggled in the settings and doesn’t work for projectiles) 
– Base no wall jump (if you’re at the base of a wall, you won’t wall jump) 
– Ledge, no grab jump (if you’re almost at the top of a ledge, instead of waiting to ledge grab then jump, you can just jump) 
– Slash dash (hold forward and attack, it will drive your forward with your slash) 
– Hulker punch is faster and suddenly they’re far more threatening 
– Slower than a pixel (everything still moves in pixels, but now things can move every X frames to give the illusion of slower movement) 
– Enemies cannot leave the room (it was still cool seeing stray foes come with the player) 
– Fun seeking hover mines have a longer range to get set off and a smaller explosion radius. Fixed the look of the damage representation. 
– Patrollers no longer shock when angry as they’re just a simple fodder enemy, but thanks to shock squares, any foe can become electrified. 
– Checkpoints take 3 hits to ignite (which is more satisfying, while costing time) 
– Player’s speed increase is thankfully back to normal so it doesn’t look like running on ice for a split second

Even these tweaks need tweaking, but this is all I can remember off the top of my head.

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