Flame Sword: Blog #6: A closer look at Hermiturrets

I wanted a mechanical turtle that could launch things at an arc out of its shell and didn’t have to move. What I got was a metal hermit crab that can really only launch things upward judging from the chimney cannon. That’s another idea… chimney smoke coming out of it. Anyway, even a bit restricted to crawling and shooting, it’s still a useful enemy as there was nothing really that shot upward. I’d like to have them hang from the ceiling too, but I spent enough time on it yesterday.

The crab has a hurt animation, but the big question is how do you hurt something that hides in a shell and why it hides in its shell and so many more things to think about when I hear “here’s your crab.” So it’s the artist going above and beyond. On the plus side, hermit crabs fit in less space than turtles would have.

Crabs were a 6+ hour process that I mostly programmed to have something fresh to show off for Twitter. That 6+ hours even with a lot of stuff done in the parent object and copy + pasting from the hulker, turrets, and patroller enemies.

If anyone else needs a closer look at the crabs:

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