Flame Sword: Blog #3: Explosive Alley


Finished making a seventh demo level called Explosive Alley and it’s full of explosive barrels to destroy blocks, hover mines that explode a second later, and rocket blocks that blast off into the air. Here’s the grand crescendo moment of the level, a wall jumping speed segment up a destructible wall full of hover mines. It’s probably a bit too brutal for a keyboard to make it into whatever final game we make out of this. Since these are just 4 minute levels to demonstrate mechanics, the other areas are much more easy and safe.

Other than that, our main character has all new animations. She carries the sword higher when she runs and she has a dazzling new yellow belt that I’m certain you noticed despite all the yellow sparks and debris exploding everywhere.

There are thankfully new enemies to keep these demo levels rocking with a variety of danger. After having the same six types of foes, these new foes are a welcome addition. Two of those six enemies were cannons and turrets, which do help the gameplay since the player can deflect their projectiles and these projectiles can damage foes and flip switches Another cool new addition is the electrified enemy setting. In the past there were a few foes that were electrified meaning when you attack them, you get hurt. Now there’s a setting to make any enemy electrified or not. It should be very useful.

Since there’s been surprising interest from publishers we’ve heard of, it’s probably time to get the game into an easier to understand state. Having some of my friends go through this game as they’ve gone through my previous games, they’ve been confused at certain sections, so I’ve added letter blocks to help the process, but that’s hardly a solution like actual dialog boxes are. There are three types, ones that spring open when you go over or below them, others that open when you touch them, and the final type where you press and hold up to read it. There’s no actual graphic beyond a colored box to represent these dialog box triggers.

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