Cloud Cover Manual


Your objective is to stay alive and gain as many points as you can by destroying foes, collecting coins and surviving waves of enemies. Each wave is complete when the player destroys enough enemies. After a brief first wave, there is a boss at the end for you to score big points. Along the way you’ll collect temporary weapons and power ups to help your vessel destroy evil sky pirates.


Top left: How much time remains before you’re out of fuel.
Top left: Current level.
Top left: Current level’s completion.

Bottom left: Your ships remain.
Bottom left: Weapon and or item times if you have any.
Bottom left: Your health with a score next to it.


Cloud Cover allows for both keyboard and gamepad support

In-Game Keyboard Controls:

  • To move left: A or arrow left
  • To move right: D or arrow right
  • To shoot: Ctrl or X
  • To dash: Hold left or right and hold C or Shift
  • To move slow: Hold C or Shift then move

Menu Keyboard Controls:

  • Move cursor: arrow keys or WSAD
  • To confirm: Enter
  • To pause, back or cancel: Escape


In-Game Gamepad Controls:

  • To move left: Press left on the D-pad or either analog stick
  • To move right: Press right on the D-pad or either analog stick
  • To shoot: X or R-trigger
  • To dash: Hold left or right and hold A or R-bumper
  • To move slow: Hold A or R-bumper then move

Menu Gamepad Controls:

  • Move cursor: D-pad or either analog stick
  • To confirm: A
  • To pause, back or cancel: B


Shooting is simple and you can shoot by holding down your preferred shoot button. Each ship has a different rate of fire, projectiles and does different damage.


When you stop shooting for a fourth of a second, your ship will gain an aqua colored outline. Then your next shot will be a an alternate shot. The weapon will be different, depending on the ship you’ve selected, but the majority of vessels have a wide, triple shot. This will do more damage than the standard shot.


If you stop shooting for five seconds, a red outline will appear around your ship. This means that your charge shot is primed and the next projectile you launch will be a charge shot. This shot pierces enemies and continues doing damage through them. Certain pilots can also lower the time required for the charge shot.


Not every ship has the ability to dash. Dashing will move you much faster for a split second. Hitting a bullet while dashing will wipe the bullet without taking damage. Wiping will give you points for doing so. In the midst of a dash, your ship will refrain from shooting due to power consumption. To dash, move the direction of the dash and then hold your preferred dash button. Releasing the dash button will stop your dash.


Holding the dash button and then moving, will give your vessel a slower and more precise movement to weave through bullets.


Dashing is the fastest movement and precision is the slowest. Between those two movements, you can also stop shooting to move faster. Each ship has its own speed and usually the ships without a dash are the fastest ships. Some pilots can make any ship move faster or slower.


With so many bullets and foes flying around, it can be easy to take damage. Getting hit by an enemy bullet will hurt your ship. You can counter simple bullets by dashing through them. Ramming into enemies will hurt your ship. Ships each have their own defensive armor that will let you take more or less damage.

Giant lasers will give you damage as well. You can always dash through them, but dashing through a laser will not wipe it like it does enemy projectiles.

Once you’re out of health, your vessel will explode. If you have a remaining ship, you will respawn. When you have no other ships in reserve, that’s a game over.


Cloud Cover offers a different array of vessels. Each with their own attack strength, rate of fire, defense, speed and bullet patterns. Choose wisely and play to your own strengths as a player. Do you want a nimble ship or a slower vessel with more of a punch to it?

Specific information on each ship can be found in the ship selection screen.


After selecting a vessel, you’ll find a dizzying array of around 30 pilots to chose from. Each pilot will tweak elements in different ways to balance out their pros and cons. Some pilots have a better chance of getting certain items, others fire bigger bullets at the cost of their overall health. The choice is yours who you send on this difficult mission.

Specific information on each pilot can be found in the pilot selection screen.


Collected items are only temporary. Most lasting ten or so seconds. You can find items by destroying carrier ships. The items available depends on the pilot that destroys them. Some pilots get more weapons, while others get more defensive items. It should be noted that shooting item boxes will push them forward. This will allow them to be saved by juggling them.


Dual shot:
Marked by two bullets, this lets you fire twice the bullets forward. Each bullet still does the same damage.

This fires three bullets forward. Each bullet does the same damage, so you’ll be thrice as powerful.

Triple Shot:
These will let your ship cover more ground as it fires three bullets in a wide, spread pattern.

Big Shot:
The big shot will increase your projectile’s size and let it do double the damage. It can make short work of big enemies.


These will give you an extra life. So if your vessel is destroyed, you have another in reserve. Carriers dropping hearts will appear when a certain amount of enemies are destroyed.

Marked by a white cross, health will increase your health. If you already have maximum health, you’ll get bonus points. Defeating a boss on easy mode will drop health.

A shield will keep you completely safe for the duration of the shield.


These are marked by skills and will cause huge damage to everything in the area for a few seconds. They are especially powerful against bosses.

This is a shield that will rotate around the player and smash through bullets and hostiles alike. Releasing the shoot button will cause them to go out further.


These will attract coins from anywhere near the player for the allowed time.

Money Sacks:
Each enemy projectile turns into a coin that will automatically be pulled into the player


Here you’ll find easy, medium, and hard. Easy gives you three lives and enemies fire slower projectiles. Medium starts you with two lives, the projectiles are ten times the speed and you take more damage. Hard gives you a single life, the enemy bullets have twice the speed as medium and you take more damage. What’s your reward for these difficulties? Point multipliers at the game over screen with easy being the base of everything, medium is worth three times the points and hard is worth five.

Easy difficulty will get more challenging at the tenth wave as enemy bullets become faster.


To make things easier for beginners, there are two special ships to pilot. One allows you to take no damage from enemy gunfire and the other will recover health every few seconds. Both these easy ships forfeit their scores at the end of the game. Easy ships are only allowed on the easy difficulty.


Cloud Cover allows for two player coop. You can play with two players using a single keyboard with one person on the right and one on the left. You can have two controllers or one player on the keyboard and one on a controller. For anyone with a friend new to the game, having them select an easy ship might be best.


Customer Support

Customer Support is available in English only.

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