Digging for Burgers Blog #22: The Wrap Up

This will probably be the last update as the game will be available on Google Play this Wednesday, February 28th. With more feedback from the public, the game will be updated.

– Added number blocks that give bonus points for being broken with chains that meet the number. Number blocks can still be broken by digging through them, but no points will be added.
– Added new challenges to the challenge mode surrounding the new number blocks. These challenges force the player to only score with the number blocks.
– Added the percentage of stars to the top right of the title screen to encourage the player to visit the challenge mode.
– Added a new high score indication for the arcade mode on top of the humble one that is already there. Keep in mind, the player can still speed up the game over screen.
– Added a new song jingle to the high score to make it feel even more special!
– Modified menus to increase speed of the menu cursor to 1/8th a second when holding up or down rather than maintaining a consistent speed of 1/4th a second. It takes a second to reach that 1/8th per second. This is especially noticeable with the challenge mode menu.
– More tweaks and enhancement details.

Here is the “new high score” screen:

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