Foxland becomes Turbo Pug Park

After releasing Foxland for a week to see how people enjoyed it, many hated it enough for me to redo the mechanics and the jump, which lead to each level needing to be remade. Instead of keeping it Foxland, I took a lot of the art from that game, found a publisher Back 2 Basics who then gave me the Turbo Pug license and started making Turbo Pug Park.



Hover Pack Pug:
Hover for 3 seconds, before dropping, but has less health.

Turbo Pug doing Turbo Pug things and Breaking Boxes:
Run for X amount of seconds and turbo is activated, letting you run through enemies and destroy boxes.

Remember when old games let you go through one side and appear out the other?

Pick a Pug (8 placeholders)
All 8 have their own stats even if they’re all just clones for the moment. More health, less health, slower, faster, increased turbo, slow falling, hover jumping… you know typical pug life.

Date Night
For no other reason than to test the idle animations. … oh and waterfalls.

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