OctorSpace Update: Collect Coins for Currency


With a store in game and currency, there remained the question of how to obtain currency. The first method was just collect gems, but they’re so abundant considering for each enemy killed, there’s a random gem. The gems also benefit the gameplay as they can replenish health, ammunition, shield and your special ability.

So coins were made. Simple, bold, dazzling coins. If you’ve seen one coin, you’ve seen them all, but here its how you find the coins. Since there’s a level editor you can place coins wherever, but there is now a series of coin generators. These coin generators can do several things such as make a line of coins when you touch them, make a circle of coins when you touch it, rotate a circle of coins and rotate a bar of coins. It should certainly make things more interesting and incentivize taking more risk. Coins do not pull into the ship like gems do.

Coin generators in the editor:

Coin generators in game demonstrating lines getting made and coins circling:

On top of that, there is now a stat to hide a collectable. So an item will be invisible until the player is next to it. The collectable will then poof into existence. So extra lives, gems, super powers, weapons, coins, even coin generators can now be hidden until the player is nearby. With these two new interesting features its time to diversify the levels!

Here is a video of the editor and collecting the coins in game:

I also fixed a long running issue that would prevent the next wave from happening. This was quite the game breaker even if it was rare. Turns out a collectable was being generated off screen and originally my system only wipes things that appear on screen and then leave out the bottom.

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