Balloon Popping Pigs: The First Week on Steam Updates

The first week of Balloon Popping Pigs: Deluxe on Steam has been a busy one. Here are all the updates from the first week.

Game Launches to the Sky!

Oh and there are updates too:

– Added a new song and a jukebox button in the pause menu.
– Added achievement icons.
– Fixed a leaderboard issue for names with special characters.

Version 1.1 Update:

– Fixed the leaderboard so you can scroll through more than 20 scores.
– Fixed “Double Point Pork Power” achievement.

Version 1.2 Update:

– Fixed “Just One More Minute” achievement. It looks like it was broken for the past 2 days.

Update: February Fix 1.0.3

Just a quick fix here oh and more achievements for those skilled enough to get them:

Version 1.0.3:
– Fixed a crash caused by the February leaderboard. *
– Added 3 achievements for getting to level 8, level 9 and catching 20 cakes.

* Thanks to the 2 people who near simultaneously reported the crash.

Update: 2 Fix-a-roos 1.0.5

Merry Midnight to everyone on the east coast.

– Fixed a major issue when selecting a new pig that caused no piggy to spawn.
– Fixed a crash with the leaderboard that was difficult to reproduce.

Update: More Achievos 1.0.6

Two new achievements. One is difficult to get and the other is easier to balance it out. Oh and a fix. Thanks to the person who reported it.

– Fixed catch the cake carrying over to the next game if you die during the bonus.
– Added achievements for 3,000 points and 500 points.

Update: Stats & Screenshots 1.0.7

Here is a more substantial update:

– Fixed screenshot issue where it would only take a Steam screenshot every other attempt.
– Added a screenshot button to the right bumper of typical controllers.
– Added stats screen in the settings with balloons popped, total points, total plays and other things.
– Added commas to leaderboard scores.
– Added a balloon launch to the title screen to give it more life. Balloons halt in the manual to make it easier to read.
– Modified credits back button to return the user to the settings menu.
– Modified location of credits in settings menu to make a place for the stats.

Update: Different Sprites 1.0.9

Not much new here. Just modifications that could be considered fixes.

– Modified cake sprites.
– Modified frog sprites. The frog is larger now, but the hit box is only the body.
– Modified a lot of achievement icons.
– Modified the red balloons bonus to be more red like those from Night Pig.
– Modified the background scores to stay put when you begin a game. Once all players move, then the background scores drift away.
– Modified Red Balloon achievement to attempt to constantly unlock on Steam once you’ve achieved it.

Steam Version:
You can buy it for around a dollar in most currencies here:

Free Android Version:
Otherwise, the free version is available on Android here:

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