AquaNimble: January 2017 Updates

While January 2017 is still going, its been a while since I posted on the official website. So here are the updates for the past 5 weeks.

Update 1.5.8 Spinning Shooter Skulls & Scrapyard

– Added 4 more achievements based on XP (XP is score added up over each play)
– Added achievement “S3x10” for killing 10 Spinning Shooter Skulls.
– Added a new ship skin “Sentinel.”
– Modified the scrap yard shop menu to move faster when you hold an arrow key from 1/4th of a second to 1/10th.
– Modified all menus to allow input presses to move the cursor faster rather than only holding inputs to move the menu cursor.
– Fixed Hyper Jolt vessel always saving as locked.
– Fixed achievement for “That’s Quite a Showcase.”
– Modified spinning shooter skulls to shoot half as many projectiles at greater angles so its easier to weave between projectiles.
– Modified some player projectiles to look more fierce.
– Modified achievement “Fit as a Flounder” to be 100 points rather than 1,000.
– Modified a few achievement icons.

Update 1.5.7 Custom Game Difficulty Restriction

Here are the quick details:

– Added restrictions for custom game before you start the game.
– Fixed a restriction glitch with custom game that allowed players to set higher difficulties with higher lives.

To explain, custom game settings once let you set higher difficulties to have any amount of lives and continues. Then when you start the game, the restrictions enforced with the three highest difficulties would happen. So it used to let you set 100 lives for Nightmare difficulty, but then when you start, you had 1 life as that’s the restriction for Nightmare.

Now as you are setting up the custom games on higher difficulties, it shows these restriction. Nightmare will show you can only have 1 life. Hard difficulty will show you can have up to 10 lives. The three higher difficulties have restrictions, while the lower three difficulties have no restrictions.

Update 1.5.6 A Small Player Selection Update

– Added a new ship skin, the Emperor (seen above). Like other skins, you need a S token to purchase them in the scrapyard.
– Improved the look of the buttons and vessels when selecting a vessel. The previous update’s new way of rendering made them look terrible.
– Modified the menu backgrounds so they no longer are half pixels.

Update 1.5.5 Anti-Blurry Update

After digging through the refund data, it seems like the largest refund request reason was due to a blurry full screen mode. I am uncertain how full screen is blurry this new update should fix it. Then again without knowing specifics its tough to know for sure.

Happy New Year.

Update 1.5.4 & 1.52 More Achievement Fixes

Version 1.54:
– Fixed a compatibility crash when generating the background of the first level.

Here are the fixes with version 1.5.2:
– Fixed achievements for killing 10,000.
– Fixed achievement “Skin You’re In.”
– Fixed achievement “Everything Explodes.”
– Fixed achievement “Fit as a Flounder.”
– Fixed crash with pacifist mode that relates to cash from projectiles.
– Modified achievement “Die 1,000” to be “Die 500.”
– Modified the automatic pause when you change windows so it will not pause the game when you’re in the quick instructions when you go to a different window.

* Version 1.5.3 was an attempt to fix the crash that was fixed in 1.5.4

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