Balloon Popping Pigs for PC Continues Production part 2

As we wait for the Steam store page to be approved, production continues. There are no radical differences, but here is what has changed off the top of my head.

– Added damage effects when enemies fall.
– Added controller rumble functionality (quite a long time ago)
– Added settings for shake screen and controller rumble.
– Added text hints to menu items. Menu items have always been icons on buttons.
– Added leaderboard and daily leaderboard support.
– Added damage effects to enemies as they fall.
– Added a background to the stats text in the background.
– Modified windowed mode to be 3x larger.
– Fixed an inconsistent glitch that lets you hide your balloons above the screen.
– Fixed cheat console’s input box from not showing up when there was no text.
– Modified a lot of fonts to look better.
– Modified cheat console to open and close with a different set of keys.
– Fixed using escape key from pick a pig before the game starts.

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