AquaNimble version 1.5 The Achievement Fix Update

Version 1.5 is here and its full of fixes for achievements, exploits and a memory leak. Thank you to everyone who reported the issues!

– Fixed a memory leak from the last update that would lead to a crash later in the game.
– Fixed the Boss Rush infinite loop. (this was fixed in a mini update)
– Fixed an exploit to get easy S tokens
– Fixed an exploit for an easy 1CC and campaign completion achievements
– Fixed ‘Unbeatable’ achievement
– Fixed ‘For a Rainy Day’ achievement
– Fixed ‘Was there an ending?’ achievement
– Fixed ‘Shower Survived’ achievement

Version 1.5.1

– Fixed the quick instructions
– Modified quick instructions to stay until you press an action

For anyone watching these updates who still has not purchased a copy of AquaNimble, its still on sale at 60% off for a limited time.

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