AquaNimble Original Soundtrack Now Available

33 songs will take you on an epic journey of beauty, discovery and intensity. Enjoy over an hour of incredible music from PurpleFreezer.

Buy it from the Steam store. Just a warning the soundtrack is DLC and you have to own the game already. That’s just how Steam works. They’re a game store rather than a music store.

Here are the tracks:

– Algae’s Plea
– Best Them
– Bloody Sockets
– Bone Ache
– Bonus Stage
– Classic Epicness
– Coffee Sand by Joe Shiparte
– Cold Rush
– Combat Falcon
– Domes
– Dragons!
– Duet
– Flight Walk
– Forward
– Fozzy the Friendly Fish
– Green Back Bay
– Green Shepherd
– Infiltration
– Menu
– Obliteration 3.0
– Outskirts Onslaught
– Rushing Challenge
– Salivating Poison
– Salty Crabs
– Ship Yard
– SunBeam Surface
– Sunken City
– The Battle
– The March
– The Whirlpool
– Tragic Hip Hop
– Undersea Eruption
– Verticality


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