AquaNimble Testing Update 12: Leaderboards + Ship Skins + Cards

For the testers, here is the 12th update that includes a lot of stuff:

– Steam badges have been approved… the cards are flowing!
– Added Steam leaderboards. **
– Added different particle effects when an enemy gets shot and explodes. *+
– Added skins for purchase in the scrapyard.
– Added S tokens to purchase skins. ***
– Added 10 skins, each with their own hit box.
– Added Steam card descriptions.
– Added an extra achievement for completing a level with a skin.
– Improved the start game load time by a few seconds during the 89 – 91% range.
– Modified the Scrapyard format to show vessel images first, then text. It makes everything align better.
– Fixed slow movement for keyboard users.
– Fixed Steam screenshots.
– Fixed the timer from continuing after a level has ended.
– Modified the each level of forever abyss and daily challenge to include a wave from a previous and the next level for the sake of diversity.
– Modified the sound effect volume to be less pronounced.
– Replaced the impact sound effect with something more pleasant.
– Removed old unused bosses from the boss rush.

** There are dozens of leaderboards, two for each level that consist of highest score and lowest time. There are leaderboards for each campaign as well including the daily campaign and each of its levels. Your local high scores have a robust amount of details that the leaderboards fail to have. I have only started to make the visual representation of the leaderboards in game. Now with the tough stuff out of the way, improving the look should go quick.

*+ The particle effects go away from the projectile and when an enemy explodes the particles too go away from the projectile. This is to keep the screen relatively clean in a game that’s just full of stuff.

*** To get a S token, fill a new meter to 25 points. Completing a level will give you the same number of points as the level. Beating the first level will give you a single point, while completing level 3 will give you 3 points and so on. This will allow you to get a S token for completing a campaign of seven levels. Otherwise, you can finish the first level twenty-five times for what has to be around 2 hours.

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