AquaNimble D18.10 Update for Testers

For the testers, here is what’s up for D18.10:

– Fixed a rare bug that during Forever Abyss or the Daily Campaign summoned a phantom enemy no longer in the game.
– Modified the Ice Box vessel to replace the freeze ray with an improved flame thrower at least for the time being.
– Fixed incorrect backgrounds showing in Forever Abyss and Daily Campaigns.
– Fixed the amount of levels in Forever Abyss and Daily Campaigns shown in the stage select.
– Changed an enemy sprite for the “side floater” enemies.
– Modified Arctic-3 to be more interesting and offer a different kind of challenge.
– Modified certain segments of Arctic-4 to be shorter.
– Modified boss health gauge to be twice as wide.
– Modified the HUD bars to be taller.

For anyone that wants them the AquaNimble Official Group now has 5 avatars rather than one. I spent some time making new images.

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