Path-Based Puzzler is Coming


A colorful puzzle game where you complete each puzzle by making each tile disappear. Each time you touch a tile, the number on the tile decreases by one. Once a tile hits zero, it disappears, never to be used again.



ARCADE MODE: Infinitely generated puzzles. Each solved puzzle gives you time, run out of time it’s game over. The puzzles start small, but grow larger every 5 completed puzzles.
COFFEE MODE: 10 generated puzzles with your own set difficulty and infinite time. Fail a puzzle, but keep going. Get your success ratio at the end.
PUZZLE MODE: 100+ hand made puzzles. Each puzzle records your fastest time.
CHARACTER SELECTION: 40+ Selectable characters… that all do the same thing!
STYLE: Clean and colorful style makes it easy to focus on the puzzles.
FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Who would have thought? No flight sticks!
 – GREAT SOUNDTRACK: Over 60 minutes of music if you let it play 12x.


The original arcade game was made in about 5 hours, but people demanded more! A coffee mode was ended, followed with dumping a bunch of extra sprites to be used as characters. After that came an editor to make puzzles to hopefully give a simple game more longevity.


A game by:

original soundtrack composed by:

with sound effects from:

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