Digging for Burgers Manual


Android Controls:

  • To move: Left or right
  • To dig: Push in any direction against a wall (even up)
  • To jump: Green button or push up
  • To confirm: Green button (you made it this far)
  • To pause or cancel: Red button

Keyboard Controls:

  • To move left: A or arrow left
  • To move right: D or arrow right
  • To dig: Push in any direction against a wall (even up)
  • To jump: C, right control or arrow up
  • To confirm: Enter
  • To pause or cancel: Escape

Controller Controls:

  • To move left: press left on the directional pad or left analog stick
  • To move right: press right on the directional pad or left analog stick
  • To dig: Push in any direction against a wall (even up)
  • To jump: Green A button
  • To confirm: Green A button
  • To pause or cancel: Red B button



Digging through a colored block gives the player a point. Digging through a block takes half a second and expends energy. If there is nothing below a block, it will fall after a split second. Blocks will never crush the player, instead they will stack on top of the player and allow the player to dig upward.

Grey Blocks:

They refuse to chain and they are worth no points. Destroying one will only destroy it and nothing else next to it. They are worth no points, nor do they count as blocks destroyed in the challenge mode. They are here to hinder the player.


The aim is to stay alive while balancing energy, avoiding hazards and achieving the most points possible. The challenge mode offers several different goals, one for each challenge. Things like destroying X amount of blocks, surviving Y amount of minutes and getting to a specific depth.

The player is always using energy. Digging uses more energy. When a player’s energy falls below 50% the crusher walls begin to close. To replenish energy, the player needs to collect burgers and double burgers. When energy gets restored, the crusher walls will open again. If the player fails or runs out of health, the crushers close completely and its game over!


The player’s energy controls the wall crushers. The crushers will move in when the energy dips below specific crush points of 50%, 25%, 10%, 5% and at 0% they will close completely. When the energy nears these crush points, the crushers will flash and shake to give warning they are about close inward. When the crushers close in they will obliterate anything they touch. This including blocks, collectables and even the player.

If the player’s energy gets back over the crush points, the crushers will open up again. When they open up, there is a gap and the player can use this as a quick way down the shaft, because digging consumes energy.



A chain is a series of the same colored blocks that are touching one another. Breaking one block in a chain will destroy all blocks in the chain. The first block is worth a single point, every block after that in a chain is worth double the points, so 1 becomes 2, becomes 4, becomes 8. The further the chain extends, the more points.


A combo happens when you break a chain of two or more blocks. Once that combo happens, the next colored block that you destroy will start out at double points. So when you break a chain of 3 blocks, your combo will be 3x so the next block the player breaks will start at 3 points and go: 3, 6, 12 and so on.

When you have a combo, you have 2 seconds to keep the combo going by breaking another chain of two or more blocks. When you break another chain you keep the highest chain as your combo. So if you broke a combo of 4, then break a chain of 3, your combo will still be 4. If you have a combo of 4 and break a chain of 5 your new combo will be 5.

Burger Block Bonus:

These are giant barricades that when dug through them they are worth 1,000 points. If you have a combo going, that combo multiplies the points. So a combo of 5 is worth 5,000 points. Once the burger gets destroyed, the entire thing explodes into smaller burgers that fall away. Due to the size of burger blocks, they take longer to dig through.

Looping Bonus:

The game loops after 1,000 rows. To celebrate this, the player earns an extra 50,000 bonus points and a statement crawls up the screen.

Number Blocks:

These blocks are numbered 2 – 5. They contain bonus points when a player breaks a chain of blocks next to them that is equal or greater than the number on the block. A chain of two or higher will break a 2 and a chain of 5 or higher is required to break a 5. Bonus points can also be obtained by taking a chili flame through them.

A player can still dig through the number blocks, but its discouraged by taking the same number of seconds as the block indicates. So that means a number block with a 4 will take 4 seconds to dig through, expending energy for no points.

Mega Score:

The Mega Score relies on a collection of other statistics and is used to unlock long term achievements. The game uses the following equation to calculate the Mega Score: score_overall + arcade_high_score + blocks_broke + burgers_devoured * stars * 100



Are they beef? Are they vegetarian? Are they some other type of burger? Burgers replenish 10% of the player’s energy.

Double Burgers:

These appear at specific rows and they decrease in frequency. They will appear at depth 10, then depth 20, then depth 40, 80, 160 and so on. With them comes a row of a block chain for big points! Eating them is worth 20% of the player’s health.

Chili Burgers:

They’re hot and spicy, because of this they offer no energy restoration. Instead they burn the player through blocks for a full second. Even hazards don’t matter when it comes to the intense fire inside Chili Burgers create!


Collect diamonds to use them in the store. Diamonds appear once every twenty-five depths. At a game over or a successful challenge rewards the player with a diamond per 10,000 points.


Cosmetic Items:

Unlocking cosmetic items requires playing the game. Each time someone plays, their score gets added to an accumulated score. This will unlock items in the store for the player to buy with diamonds.


These get unlocked with stars. So completing challenges will give the player stars, up to three per challenge. Play more to unlock more.



The player can walk on them, brush up against them, but dig through them and its an instant failure.


Unlike no-dig’ems, these will be a game over if the player touches them or walks on them. Use strategy and plan ahead or you may find yourself falling onto them or getting trapped.


These shoot fire fries in four directions at 90 degree angles every 3 seconds. Then they rotate 45 degrees and shoot again in 3 seconds. They can only appear one per depth because they’re so dangerous. If a player is next to the shooter, it refuses to shoot, but it will still blink to invoke fear.


What are burgers without fries? Fries are fireballs that come from shooters. They remain on screen for 5 seconds before blinking out of existence.

Meat Grinder:

The mighty meat grinder appears at the top of specific challenge stages and moves down at a slow place. Despite its always slow pace, if the player begins to leave it behind, it will always be dragged down so it is never far behind.


  • Title Screen: You have seen it, this menu is brief to be less confusing and less cluttered.
  • Character Customization Menu: Players can customize their character between heads, faces and bodies. Holding down will randomize the player’s character.
  • Settings Menu: Here you will change the game to your liking.
  • Challenge Menu: You can select challenges and then select difficulties.
  • How to Play Menu: Why not mention this one? Its where you are right now!
  • Pause Menu: Pause the game to get here to view achievements, leaderboards and visit the store!
  • Store: Have diamonds to spend? Buy things in the store! You need to unlock them first.


Customer Support


Customer Support is available in English only.

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