OctorSpace Update: The Big Enemies


This time it only took 2 hours as its getting more streamlined, plus the background and dialog system are already in the game. It was an hour for the sketch and another hour to remove imperfections and do color correction.

It moves too, but you get the idea. Wow I can see the imperfections with a still image. This one took around 2 hours as well. I’m not sure if I’m getting better or worse. Plus I never liked the color scheme of the sprite itself before the character image.


Oh but wait there’s more! I’m not sure why there would be… but I managed to get in a programming session on top of the art. Since the player can get bigger with the star wipe and the enemies can be assigned with anything the player can, the foes can now get assigned to be big or normal size. Big size makes them easier targets, but to compensate they take three times the damage to kill.

The big enemies fire bullets that are twice as large and they do twice the damage. It keeps going as enemies can get assigned super powers from a previous update so when you combine a big enemy with a double size projectile, the enemies will fire quadruple sized projectiles! If they have double damage and they’re big that means quadruple damage. Its all just more diversity and another reason to remake the levels and make more levels!

Big meteors explode into big pieces. Enemies with satellite enemies have big versions of those satellites.

Here is a video of the big enemies and the level editor:

And here’s the gif to make this page that much larger:

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