Foxland Art + Cake Kills Candy Character Select


Its been a while since I’ve had an update, but I’ve still been working. I always like to start out with a fake screenshot and because Foxland has a parallax background and a middle ground, I had to copy / paste the solid area to have a section with middle ground and without middle ground.

For me art takes a while and its started to feel like work. Three days have been spent making a new tileset. Twitter ended up loving it and it turned out to be by far my best Tweet and gave me maybe 50+ new followers. Let me know what you think.


I also took the time to make a player selection screen for a previous game that can easily be imported into other projects. It features unlimited characters, character unlocking, hidden characters and a random selection.

The game always assigned you a random character as there were game jam time constraints. Now there is a character selection even if the cakes are all the same. It gives the illusion of progress, unlocking characters and its just one more frill to add to a game. Perhaps in time they will all have individual stats.

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