Foxland: A 30 Minute Platformer Blog

Its 8 days in and chances are that’s the most amount of time I can devote at this time.

Here is a feature list:
– Almost 30 minutes of speed running
– Puzzle levers (pull a lever to make bridges, blocks or turn bridges and blocks hollow)
– Super stomp (to use enemies as springboards or drive through large crates)
– Mixture of levels from labyrinths to straight forward combat focused
– 10 enemy types, basic, but effective
– Secret walls
– Doors!

I have worked a lot with art asset packs to further my engine when my artists are busy. The engine has made many games, so the struggle becomes finding different mechanics to make a game feel different from the last while using the same engine. Foxland is the latest art (and music) asset game.

Super stomping through crates

Secret walls & doors!


End of Level Scoring!

Lever puzzles!

Super Stomp gets you higher!

Be a jerk!

For this game I enhanced the engine by adding:
 – super stomp mechanic
 – levers
 – hollow blocks vs solid blocks
 – block inventory
 – doors that go to places rather than the next level
 – slopes are now included in my auto-tiler
 – walk through walls that become transparent and opaque
 – save slots now keep notes rather than only percentages