Cake Kills Candy (week 2 of development)

I am back again to murder your 56 Kbps modems!


The week long game jam was over, the game had a bit of bugs that would get fixed over the next few days. To make the game look and feel different for the trailer, a bunch of new tilesets were made. From there it was time to look up at the Titan Boss Jam.


Like the horizontal levels, the vertical ones were made from chunks which is always a bad idea when it comes to being traversal. The first level generation resulted in some difficult to navigate areas. We wanted the boss to be huge or at least tall for the Titan Boss jam. A look up and down function was added even if it felt unnecessary due to the player being centered on a screen without a HUD. Speaking of HUDs, the ammunition and health gauge were both enhanced.


Three bosses were made for the game, but cake boss took the entirety of the two weeks to program into the game. The first delay was because the boss’s face would be covered with blocks due to the procedural level design. With the boss’s face covered it had to break through the blocks. This functionality took 3 days to implement as the level is a single giant solid object. Breaking through a block requires the game remaking the entire solid object. That solid object has no texture, so the tiles need to be peeled off as well.

We went the extra mile to make the tiles break into four pieces. To get that effect, the way the tiles propagate the game had to change as well. That was another interesting process, but because of the image slicer / lazy mod support it was easy enough to copy and paste over.

Breaking through the blocks is still a cool effect when you could see it happen, but the effect was unreliable at first in an imprecise way. The video below will demonstrate the fact you can also kick rubble.


There were a lot of major issues throughout the entire Cake Baws process. It would spawn too high, the levels were tough to traverse, the boss failing to break through the blocks it should. These three issues were fixed over a day or two, but there were three major game breaking issues that I will mention later. The level generation was enhanced to make it easier to get to the top of the boss without any crazy jumps. Its difficult to visualize bug fixes in a 10 second clip.


With the glaring issues fixed, the boss arms were added. These arms were designed to crash through the sides of the walls based on trigger points. The arms are always there even if off screen. They scan for the player in a specific hit box, but when the player triggers them they appear. The arms only crash through a vertical line of two blocks otherwise with the size of the arms, they’d obliterate the entire level. As you will see the arms do no damage at this point. Its just easier to test them.


At that point the arms could damage the player and shooting the arms would make them withdraw. The player can run out of ammunition and if that’s possible, then how do you shoot a boss to death? You think up a different way to take down the giant. So it was time to make the boss punch itself in the face. Because the boss crashing through blocks was a three or more day process, it had to be used more, so with each punch in the face, the boss lowers itself and obliterates more solid platforms.


Well that week seemed to have half as many updates. There is still another week to tune in for as next week will be enhancing the feels and polishing every game breaking bug that came with the boss fight.

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