Balloon Popping Pigs Update 1.3 The Players Asked for It

Here are the short details:
– Added a new background, crumble canyon.
– Added quick presses move character selects faster than holding down.
– Added the ability to back out of pick a pig and return to the title screen.
– Added purple parrot to replace the top parrots. Purple parrots will fly up to become top parrots. If you are quick enough you can pop their balloon.
– Added a new pick a pig select screen to replace the old one. This is better for two players and readability.
– Modified pig unlocks from 75 coins to 50 coins. New players will now start with 40 coins rather than 50 coins.
– Modified player balloons to shift when they are popped so balloons on the far side will become centered.
– Modified mouse / touch select for pick a pig. You now select the pig before you confirm it with a second click.
– Modified point text popup colors to aqua and lime when leveling up and when being given double points from consecutive balloon pops without jumping.
– Fixed daily and weekly leaderboards.

Two of the biggest issues people have had with the game have always been, why can’t I get to the top parrot, it takes too many coins to unlock a pig. The top parrot was always there to be so there was no safe part of the screen. If you could pop every balloon, why would you ever come down? This update lets you get those pesky purple parrots before they turn into top parrots.

There have always been many ways to get coins. The first is to collect them as they spawn faster and faster from every fifteen seconds down to five. The other way is getting a game over will give you a coin for every 250 points. The cost of ungrounding new pigs has gone down from 75 to 50.

Thanks as always to everyone for their feedback.

Steam Version:
You can buy it for around a dollar in most currencies here:

Free Android Version:
Otherwise, the free version is available on Android here:

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