Balloon Popping Pigs Update: A Lot of Little Things

In this update there are a lot of little things that people have suggested that should enhance the game:

– Added friends leaderboard to single player game over screen.
– Added secret duck mode.
– Added secret pony mode.
– Added a balloon bonus if all cakes are caught during Catch the Cake bonus. This should make catching the cakes feel more satisfying.
– Added control scheme for mouse only (mouse and arrows had worked before).
– Added coin sound.
– Added exit button to game over screen.
– Added game over to give you coins for every 250 points.
– Modified title screen menu buttons to move at 2x the speed.
– Replaced difficult to read box font with easy to read, typical font.
– Modified cakes in 2 player mode to drop mirrored on each side of the screen.
– Modified the dropping cakes to spawn closer to one another to give the player a better chance at  catching them.
– Modified star balloons to appear starting at 200 points and then double the amount plus 100 for each star balloon after that. So 200, 500, 1100, 2300
– Modified the frog to stay away during catch the cake bonuses.

Here is a photo of the new single player game over screen:


Steam Version:
You can buy it for around a dollar in most currencies here:

Free Android Version:
Otherwise, the free version is available on Android here:

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