Balloon Popping Pigs for PC Continues Production

The PC version of the Android game isn’t public yet, but after sitting due to lack of public interest there were updates added. Perhaps one day the game will be Greenlit and make it onto Steam. In the meantime this is what’s been changed since the two player update:

– Modified menu controls to move in less time and move when directly pressed such as press right, right rather than hold right.
– Added multiple controller support for the menus rather than only gameplay.
– Added ability to pause with controllers and keyboards rather than touch screen.
– Added the ability to pause automatically if the window has lost focus.
– Added controller rumble functionality. The game also detects which controller the player is using or if the player is using a controller.
– Modified the frog enemy to appear at level 5 and up.
– Fixed glitch with the frog where if you die the frog would never appear again until you exit the game.
– Modified the ceiling bump noise to happen once until you lower out of the screen top area.
– Modified bounce mechanic so you can only bounce on a balloon if you’re moving downward. It may change back by the time the game is released.
– Fixed a crash related to taking a screenshot.

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