AquaNimble: D18.8 update is out

For the testers, the D18.8 Crustaculous update is out:

– Improved “crab crossing” of Pacific-3 by increasing the time between shot bursts. The section is more entertaining with other tweaks.
– Improved Yeti crab section of Pacific-3 by shortening the sequence.
– Enhanced the Crustaculous (giant boss) fight so  the eye laser fires more often.
– Fixed Crustaculous glitch where it refused to open its eye after you shoot the eye for the first time.
– Fixed uncommon glitch where Crustaculous would jump into place for the lime + blue patterns rather than move into position.
– Fixed the boss death counter for achievements.
– Fixed the ability to purchase a vessel during the player selection screen. You can always purchase a vessel in the scrap yard.
– Modified Crabber mini boss fight so it doesn’t continue shooting after its dead since the projectiles just turn into helpful stars anyway.
– Modified Crabber mini boss lime pattern to be more forgiving if you’re outside the bullet pattern.
– Modified weapon drops so they are never partially out of screen.
– Removed the cost to purchase a vessel from the player selection screen as vessels are now only purchased with tokens.
– Modified the status text size and placement for when the game writes to the disk.
– Fixed a crash from level selecting during the end of a level screen.

Here is a spoiler of the boss fight:

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